What are HHC Gummies?

What are HHC Gummies

By Sean Murray

HHC has become an increasingly popular cannabinoid added to edible products, but what are HHC Gummies? Unlike some of the more common cannabinoids – Delta 8, Delta 9 and Delta 10 – there are many questions surrounding HHC, including its legality, effects and overall potential. Join us as we dig deeper into this trendy cannabinoid to determine the answer to what are HHC Gummies and why they might be the most beneficial product for your everyday routine!

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as HHC, was first created in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams. Adams discovered the cannabinoid by adding hydrogen molecules to Delta 9 THC during hydrogenation – a chemical reaction process. THC is converted into hexahydrocannabinol through hydrogenation, making it an entirely different chemical compound.

Today, HHC is more commonly sourced from Hemp-derived cannabinoids with low levels of THC to stay legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp-derived HHC is often referred to as “THC-lite” because it delivers a clear-headed high while also relieving discomfort. HHC is added to a variety of products like gummies, topicals and vape carts so that users can enjoy the compound’s all-embracing benefits.

HHC vs THC – What’s the difference? 

As mentioned in the last section, HHC is a byproduct of THC. Once hydrogen molecules are added to THC, it becomes a uniquely different chemical compound. Besides the distinct chemical makeup of the two compounds, HHC and THC also offer their own unique effects. THC carries much stronger psychoactive properties that cause users to experience a “high.” HHC’s effects can best be described as a THC-like experience without paranoia. HHC offers results slightly stronger than Delta 8 THC but not quite as potent as Delta 9 THC.

Is HHC safe?

HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid, so there’s still some confusion regarding its safety. Early research has shown that HHC is a safe compound to consume. However, there aren’t any definitive answers to what dose you should use and the long-term effects of using HHC. If you choose to purchase HHC products, you’ll want to look for a company that lab tests its products in-house and verifies them with a third-party lab. Lab tests are a great way for customers to ensure the safety, purity and potency of the HHC products they consume.

Is HHC legal?

In short, yes. Even though HHC provides similar effects to THC, it is not classified the same as the psychoactive compound. Any cannabinoid extracted from Hemp remains legal as long as it remains in accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill. Hemp-derived HHC products are entirely legal to buy and sell as long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

What are HHC infused gummies?

Now that we understand the difference between HHC and THC and that it’s safe and legal to use, we can dive into the question, “What are HHC Gummies?” HHC-infused gummies are chewy, bite-sized edibles that contain a premeasured serving of HHC. These gummies come in various tasty flavors and are a fun and delicious way to obtain HHC’s all-encompassing benefits. Plus, they offer long-lasting results!

How long does HHC stay in your system?

Since everyone has a unique body chemistry, the answer to how long HHC stays in your system will be different for every individual. Some studies suggest that your body can retain the compound for two to 30 days after your first ingestion. However, HHC may stay in your system longer depending on how much and how often you use it.

Who sells the best HHC Gummies?

Trying to determine who sells the best HHC edibles can be difficult with everyone trying to cash in on the cannabinoid’s newfound popularity. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! Mystic Labs™ is home to the most reliable, lab-tested collection of Hemp-derived cannabinoid products, including our premium HHC Gummies!

Starting with high-quality, Industrial Hemp-derived HHC, we make our HHC Gummies from scratch in-house at our state-of-the-art facility. Every batch undergoes rigorous quality control checks throughout the production process. Mystic Labs then partners with an accredited third-party laboratory to verify the contents to ensure every HHC edible is safe for your enjoyment.

Where can I buy HHC Gummies?

You won’t have to think twice about where to buy HHC Gummies now that you know who sells the best ones! Mystic Labs premium HHC Gummies are available for purchase right here online. Our HHC edibles come in 30-count bottles and two mouthwatering flavors: Cosmic Peach and Mixed Berry Magic. You can even try our HHC Gummies at a discount when you sign up for our newsletter! Simply sign up by entering your email and you’ll receive a coupon code for 15% off.


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