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Customize your serving size with our easy-to-use Delta 8 Tincture Oil. Mystic Labs™ Delta 8 Tincture Oil contains 600mg of max strength Hemp-derived Delta 8 distillate, terpenes, tasty grapefruit flavors and carrier oils to aid in absorption. You can take our Delta 8 Tincture Oil sublingually (under the tongue) or orally by adding it to your favorite food or beverage. Equipped with a labeled milligram dropper, you can customize your serving size to find your Delta 8 sweet spot.

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Delta 8 Oils FAQ

What is Delta 8 Tincture Oil?

Delta 8 is one of many compounds found in the Hemp and Cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids work by interacting with the body's Endocannabinoid System (ECS) to provide a variety of benefits. Mystic Labs Delta 8 Tincture Oil is one of the purest ways to obtain the compound’s full effects. Our Delta 8 THC tinctures contain premium Hemp-derived Delta 8 distillate, terpenes, delicious grapefruit flavors and carrier oils – Hemp seed oil and grape seed oil – to assist absorption. You can take our tincture oil sublingually or orally. 

What’s the difference between Delta 8 and Delta 9?

Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC are chemically different due to the location of their chemical bonds. Delta 8’s carbon chain is located on the 8th carbon chain, while Delta 9’s is located on the 9th carbon chain. Even with this slight difference, both compounds exhibit different effects. Delta 8’s effects are more moderate than Delta 9’s, but it still offers many of the same benefits.

Can you smoke Delta 8 Tincture?

No, Mystic Labs Delta 8 Tincture Oil is intended for sublingual or oral use. Using it in any other way may cause unintended side effects. Putting our Delta 8 Oil in your vape device may permanently damage it.

Is Delta 8 legal to use?

Yes, Mystic Labs Delta 8 Tincture Oil is federally legal to buy and use in the United States under the terms of the 2018 Farm Bill. Our products use Hemp-derived Delta 8 and are lab tested to ensure they contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC – the federal legal limit for products including Delta 8 and other Hemp products. We provide lab testing reports and a certificate of analysis (COA) for all our products right on our website so you trust in their purity and potency.

How to use Delta 8 Oil?

Mystic Labs Delta 8 Oils are recommended for sublingual (under the tongue) use. This is the fastest and best delivery method. Using the dropper that each Delta 8 Oil bottle comes with, place the desired amount under your tongue and hold it there for 30 seconds to one minute before swallowing. Delta 8 Oil can also be added to foods and beverages if preferred, but this will delay the effects. Never use Mystic Labs THC Oil for smoking or vaping. Keep out of reach of children. Do not drive or operate machinery while under the influence of Delta 8 THC.

How long does Delta 8 Oil stay in your system?

Like all other forms of Delta 8 and Delta 9, this can vary among users. For new and infrequent users, Delta 8 will usually be detectable in urine for four days or less. For heavy users, Delta 8 can be detected in urine for a month or more. Delta 8 is usually only detectable in blood for a couple days, but again for habitual users it can be longer.

How long does Delta 8 Oil take to kick in?

When taken sublingually (under the tongue) Delta 8 Oils kick in quickly. Most users will begin to feel the effects within 15 minutes. If you take Delta 8 Oil with food or drink instead of sublingually it can take 30 minutes to one hour to kick in.

How long does Delta 8 Oil last? How long do the effects of Delta 8 Oil last?

The effects of Delta 8 Oil typically last for about three to five hours, but this can vary because of a number of factors including dose.

How to find the best Delta 8 Oils

Order premium Delta 8 Oil online from a trusted manufacturer, like Mystic Labs. Be sure that the Delta 8 product you choose is verified by a third party lab. Look for great product reviews. Be sure the bottle is clearly labeled with the ingredients including the exact milligram of Delta 8. There should also be directions on how to take the product and warnings on the label.

Where can I buy Delta 8 Oil?

Delta 8 Oils can be purchased locally at Hemp stores, head shops and more locally. You can also find premium Delta 8 Oil online, and order direct from the manufacturer right here at Mystic Labs.

How to vape Delta 8 Oils

Never use Delta 8 Oil that is intended for oral consumption in your vape pen. Our Delta 8 Oil Tincture is not made for this use. It is likely to damage your device and may even cause negative side effects. Instead shop Delta 8 Vape Carts!

Does Delta 8 Oil expire?

The shelf life of Mystic Labs Delta 8 products is about two years from the date of manufacture. There is an expiration date printed on the bottom of every bottle of Delta 8 Oil.

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