Women of Mystic Labs - Interview with Jessica Quinn

Women of Mystic Labs - Interview with Jessica Quinn

By Sarah Lippel

Jessica Quinn

Happy International Women’s Day! Mystic Labs™ proudly celebrates the remarkable contributions women have made both inside and outside of the hemp industry. Behind each Innovative product and cutting-edge formulation we produce stands a dedicated team of research and development professionals. Today, we're thrilled to shine a spotlight on one of the many exceptional women of Mystic Labs who helps bring our top-rated products to fruition. Meet our Senior Formulation Scientist, Jessica Quinn, whose passion, expertise, and commitment help drive the pioneering work here at Mystic Labs.

To learn more about Jessica’s role, the product development and formulation process, and the reasons why Delta 8 is one of our most popular product categories, keep on reading!


From Inspiration to Innovation

With a degree in chemistry under her belt, Jessica has always had a knack for innovation in the STEM field. Though she began her postgraduate career working in an entirely different industry, she knew she saw herself eventually in a more visionary role. “Previously, I worked with fertilizer coatings, which is a pretty different industry”, Jessica explains. “I feel like I have more space to be creative here, and it is much more fun working with gummies than with fertilizer for sure”.

Working to research and develop our gummy products is where Jessica’s skill comes in. Before the in-house formulation process begins, she must take careful consideration into what it is exactly that Mystic Labs consumers are requesting. She also must also assess whether or not she has worked with the specific materials that will be necessary to use in the development process. “If I haven’t tried something, then it’s just about getting in the lab and making a sample and going from there,” she says. A basic gummy formulation includes sweeteners, gelling agents, colors and flavors, but an added level of complexity arises when incorporating key active ingredients such as our premium Delta 8. It is Jessica’s job as an expert formulation scientist to figure out which gelling agent, such as pectin, will work best in creating the highest quality products you know and love.

While the effectiveness and potency of our euphoria-inducing gummies is paramount, Jessica also understands that a great-tasting flavor is what rounds out the entire experience. To ensure the tastes of our mouthwatering gummies exceed the expectations of our customers, she must decide how to pair the more bitter ingredients with appropriate flavors to create harmony and balance in the batch she is focusing on. “Color and flavor are other aspects to consider,” she states. “I don’t typically make an ashwagandha gummy a lighter color like yellow pineapple because my active (ingredient) is a darker powder”. This process is how she ensures the most enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing product possible.

Why Delta 8?

Now that you understand the imperative role Jessica plays in her overseeing of all of our products, lets dive into one item that has specifically gained high amounts of traction in comparison to other product categories: Delta 8. The unmatched experience this cannabinoid provides, including feelings of euphoria, stress relief, increased appetite and better quality sleep, has drawn consumers in. Because of the 0.3% legal limit of THC in place when selling Hemp-derived products, the strict product testing and development that Mystic Labs’ own Jessica Quinn contributes to helps customers trust in the legality of these products. Click here to give our five-star rated Delta 8 products a try and see what all the hype is about!


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