Conjure Up Sales Beyond the CBD Category with Mystic Lab Delta-8 Gummies

Mystic Labs Delta-8 SamplesMystic Labs Delta-8 Samples

Delta-8 is the hottest new trend of 2021 with more and more consumers curious to try it. Capture those sales with these mesmerizing new flavors coming soon from Mystic Labs. Available in 5-count ($9.99 SRP) and 12-count ($19.99 SRP) pouches and 50-count bottles ($49.99 SRP).

Flavor Varieties

  • Atomic Apple
  • Blue Raspberry Breeze
  • Cosmic Peach
  • Goji Berry Burst
  • Guava Explosion
  • Hypnotic Pink Lemonade
  • Mango Madness
  • Mixed Berry Magic
  • Pineapple Fantasy
  • Twisted Lime

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