How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in Your System?

How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in Your System?

By Jill Raver

With the growing popularity of Delta 9 products in states that have legalized Marijuana as well as the low-THC Hemp-derived Delta 9 products like Delta 9 Gummies that are federally legal, there are a lot of questions out there about Delta 9 THC, drug tests and how Delta 9 breaks down in one’s body. We will cover these topics with a focus on the most commonly asked question, “How long does Delta 9 stay in your system?”

What Is Delta 9?

Delta 9 is commonly called THC, which is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol. While there are other types of THC, including Delta 7, Delta 8 and Delta 10, Delta 9 is the most prevalent type of THC. This is because Delta 9 naturally occurs in much more significant quantities in Cannabis than the other types of THC. Delta 9 THC is the main chemical compound in Marijuana that elicits the feeling that many people refer to as being “high.”

Will I Fail a Drug Test After Taking Delta 9?

Delta 9 THC is actually what drug screenings test for when testing for Marijuana. So, if you have used a Delta 9 product, even legal ones with low THC, you are likely to fail a drug test. If you know you will be required to take a drug test, it may be best to avoid any Delta 9 or Delta 8 products until after your screening. For urine tests, you will want to be sure to avoid any THC products for about 30 days. 

How Long Does Delta 9 Stay in Your System? 

Delta 9 THC can linger in your system for quite some time. Hair testing can detect THC for about three months. However, blood testing usually only detects THC for a couple days. The most common type of drug testing is urine screening. If you have only used THC once or twice it probably filtered through your urine in a matter of days. However, if you are a continuous user, Delta 9 THC can show up in your urine for a month or more. 

We hope you have developed a better understanding of how long Delta 9 THC stays in your system. However, even if you have only consumed legal Delta 9 THC Gummies or Delta 8 products, please know that you may still fail a drug test. 

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