How to Tell If Delta 8 Cart is Real

How to Tell If Delta 8 Cart is Real

By Jill Raver

You may be shopping for Delta 8 products and wondering how to tell if a Delta 8 Cart is real. Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy task when there are so many Delta 8 brands out there. It is hard to know high-quality Delta 8 products from fakes or poor-quality products. 

Are There Fake Delta 8 Carts?

Because Delta 8 THC has become so popular, there are fake and low-quality products out there. Delta 8 is not regulated by the FDA, so unfortunately this means some Delta 8 retailers take advantage and sell fake products. 

What to Look for in a Good Delta 8 Brand

  1. One sign that a brand and its products are good quality is that there is a website where customer reviews can be seen. The brand must also be transparent about its manufacturing process and how it sources the Hemp used to produce its Delta 8 products. 
  2. Another important factor is customer service. If a company invests in customer service and can answer questions that you have about its products, this is a great sign that the company is committed to its customers as well as its products.
  3. Probably the most important factor in choosing Delta 8 Vape Carts and any other Delta 8 products is a clear commitment to safe, quality products by the manufacturer. The absolute best way to do this is by having products verified by a third-party lab. 
  4. A premium Delta 8 product will provide clear information on the label as well. You should know exactly what the milligram serving size is as well as the ingredients. 

How to Tell if Delta 8 Cart Is Real | Choosing the Best Delta 8 Cart

The best way to tell if a Delta 8 Cart is real is by choosing a trusted and reliable Delta 8 company like Mystic Labs. Our Delta 8 Carts are made in-house at our FDA-registered facility. Not only do we employ the best team of food scientists, research and development specialists, formulators and quality assurance managers, we ensure potency and safety with in-house as well as third-party lab testing. We even take it a step further by offering complete transparency to our customers. Each batch of Delta 8 Vape Tanks is tested for safety, legality and potency by a third-party lab. We offer the lab testing results online. You can even search for your specific batch! 

Mystic Labs Delta 8 Carts contain premium Hemp-derived Delta 8 THC. Mystic Labs sources our Industrial Hemp from sustainable American farms, and our FDA-registered manufacturing facility is in the United States as well (Tampa, Florida, to be specific). All development, production and distribution happens at this facility so that we have complete control over every steup of the process in order to ensure that our Delta 8 Carts are potent and safe. 

With so many Delta 8 Vape products available, it isn’t easy to tell if a Delta 8 Cart is real. The best way to be sure is by finding a trustworthy company, like Mystic Labs. Buy Mystic Labs Delta 8 Carts online and have them shipped directly to your home. Feel relaxed fast with Mystic Labs Delta 8 Vape Juice!


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