What Does Delta 8 THC Do?

What does Delta 8 do?

By Jill Raver

By now, you’ve probably seen Delta 8 THC advertised or had a friend try to explain it, and while you may have some idea of what Delta 8 is, you might be wondering what does Delta 8 THC do? Consumers of the latest and greatest cannabis product say Delta 8 feels like a sense of calm and relaxation. But how does Delta 8 do this? Let’s head to back the lab to understand the science behind the newest cannabinoid everyone is raving about.

What is Delta 8?

First, you’ll need to know exactly what Delta 8 is to understand the question, “what does Delta 8 THC do to the body?” Delta 8 is one of the many compounds known as a cannabinoid derived from Cannabis sativa (Hemp). When you hear the word cannabis, you might instinctually think of marijuana, weed or pot, the cannabis plant that contains Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 THC is the cannabinoid that carries psychoactive properties and makes you feel high when smoked or consumed.

While Delta 8 and Delta 9 are almost identical in name, they can be distinguished by their chemical makeup and which cannabis plant they are extracted from. Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in Hemp and not synthetically made, contrary to what some say. Delta 8’s effects can be described as calmer compared to Delta 9 THC’s. And unlike Delta 9 THC, Delta 8 is legal throughout most of the United States. That’s right, Delta 8 THC is federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, which removed all Hemp-derived cannabinoid products from the Controlled Substance Act (CSA).

Now that you understand what Delta 8 is, you can begin to understand the answer to the question, “what does Delta 8 THC do?”

What does Delta 8 THC do to the body?

Whether you decide to pop some Delta 8 Gummies, take a few Delta 8 Vape rips or drop the sweet taste of a Delta 8 Oil under your tongue, you’ll feel the effects of Delta 8 THC thanks to your body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). The ECS is a network of receptors, enzymes and endocannabinoids located throughout the nervous system that allows phytocannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) to bind and provide beneficial effects. The body’s ECS plays an integral role in maintaining pain sensation, immune response, stress levels, sleep cycle, metabolism and much more.

When you ingest or vape Delta 8 THC, it interacts with the ECS’s receptors like a lock and key mechanism. Delta 8 links to the ECS’s receptors to signal feelings of calm and relaxation throughout the body. Since Delta 8 THC’s double bond is located on the 8th carbon chain, as opposed to Delta 9 THC, which is located on the 9th carbon chain (hence their names), its effects are less potent on the body. 

So, the simple answer to the question, “What does Delta 8 THC do to the body?” is that it can have many beneficial effects. What Delta 8 does to your body may differ compared to other users, but thanks to its relationship with the ECS, you’re likely to feel completely relaxed.

What does Delta 8 feel like?

Watch our YouTube video below to learn more about what the effects of Delta 8 feel like:

What does delta 8 feel likeWhat does delta 8 feel like

How long does Delta 8 THC last?

How long Delta 8 THC’s effects last will vary from person to person based on factors like weight, metabolism, milligrams taken and tolerance to THC products. If you’ve tried Delta 8 THC products before, you may be more familiar with the results as opposed to someone trying it for the first time. Generally, you can expect the effects of Delta 8 THC to last from three to five hours, depending on the delivery method. Delta 8 Gummies will take longer to feel the effects since you must digest them, but they offer longer-lasting results since they stay in your system longer. Vaping or taking Delta 8 sublingually are quicker delivery methods since they enter your bloodstream much faster, although the effects may not last as long compared to edibles.

Where can I buy Delta 8 products?

With its ever-growing popularity, you can find and buy Delta 8 almost anywhere from gas stations to online retailers. However, if you don’t want to put blind faith in a Delta 8 THC product you saw advertised on a street sign, there are reputable brands that you can trust for safe, consistent and potent Delta 8 products, like Mystic Labs™.

At Mystic Labs, we make our Delta 8 products with premium Delta 8 THC derived from Industrial Hemp grown on licensed American farms. We do not alter or chemically synthesize our raw Delta 8 THC and each batch we receive is verified to ensure it doesn’t contain any unwanted contaminants, heavy metals or pesticides. After we receive our raw Delta 8 THC, we manufacture all our products in-house from start to finish. Our complete in-house capabilities allow us to oversee every aspect of our Delta 8 products, including formulation, quality control, lab testing, packaging and shipping.  We publish every product’s Certificate of Analysis (COA) online for you to access so that you can see the labels match the lab test records. You can also access your product’s lab test via the unique QR code labeled on the packaging. We offer unparalleled transparency regarding the safety of our products to give you total peace of mind knowing you have a reliable Delta 8 THC product.

What are you waiting for? See what Delta 8 can do for you and shop Mystic Labs Delta 8 THC Gummies, Delta 8 Vape Juice and Delta 8 Tinctures!


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