How to Microdose Delta 8 Gummies

How to Microdose Delta 8 Gummies

By Jill Raver

You have probably heard all about microdosing psychedelics, but did you know there are benefits to microdosing Delta 8 too? Let’s talk about how to microdose Delta 8 Gummies

What Is Microdosing?

When you take a very small dose of something, this is microdosing. Most people have heard this term in relation to psychedelics, but it is also used in clinical trials of medications.

When the term microdosing is used in relation to Delta 8 THC, it usually involves small doses from 1 to 5mg.  

How Many Delta 8 Edibles Should I Take?

Mystic Labs™ recommends taking one whole 25mg Delta 8 gummy. However, if you are looking to microdose Delta 8, you will want to start with a much smaller serving, so you will need to divide a single gummy into multiple pieces. 

What Is the Best Way to Eat Delta 8 Gummies?

When it comes to the best way to eat Delta 8 Gummies, simply chew and swallow. If you want the edibles to kick in faster, it may speed up absorption time if you chew the Delta 8 gummy and hold it in your mouth for a minute or so before swallowing. 

How Long Does It Take Delta 8 Gummies to Wear Off?

For a majority of people, Mystic Labs Delta 8 THC Gummies usually wear off in three to five hours.

Can You Take Delta 8 Gummies Daily?

Delta 8 is safe to use on a daily basis as long as you are sure you aren’t taking too much for you. Signs that you may be overdoing it are being extremely tired, over-sleeping, missing work, missing outings with family or friends, etc. Speak with your doctor before adding Delta 8 to your daily regimen.

Why Microdose Delta 8 Gummies

I have personally found microdosing Delta 8 THC (3 to 4mg is my personal sweet spot, but I started at about 2mg) gives me a boost and makes me super focused. It also helps with anxiety without making me feel “high”. I usually only take a microdose in the morning, but sometimes I take another microdose later in the evening. If I am having a lot of anxiety, I may take a second microdose about four hours after my morning microdose.   

How to Microdose Delta 8 Gummies

If you want to microdose Delta 8 Gummies, find a sharp knife and use a plate or cutting board. Cut the gummy into 12 pieces if you want to try a 2mg serving. Eight pieces will divide your gummy into 3mg pieces. You’re getting the idea, right? Another great option for customizing your ideal microdose is to use Delta 8 Oil instead of Delta 8 Gummies. This is my preferred method since I don’t have to hack up a gummy or store tiny pieces of gummy, but I have had great success with microdosing Mystic Lab’s Delta 8 Gummies as well. Their infused gummies are evenly distributed with Delta 8.

Microdosing Delta 8 may be for you or it may not be. That is okay! It is a good method for new users or those who want to experience some of the benefits of Delta 8 without feeling “high.” If you want to microdose Delta 8, Delta 8 Tincture Oil and Delta 8 Gummies are great choices. Thank you for reading “How to Microdose Delta 8 Gummies!”


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